Load Building Benchmark Sets

The problem of load building involves placing items, boxes, and pallets into loading spaces of containers according to some constraints, and in an effort to minimize a certain objective. A variety of constraints and objectives are available to create an assortment of interesting problems, and more will be added in the future. You are allowed to ignore certain constraints; which constraints are adhered to in your solution will be determined after uploading. Instances are divided into sets based on what kind of problem is considered in that particular set. The data files of the instances are available in JSON, XML, and YAML formats. A thorough specification of these file formats is available in the documentation provided below.

Documentation is available for the instance file structure, the solution file structure, and the provided tools.

Several tools are available to get started with the given instances. All tools are written in and tested for Python 3.5 and above. The tools can be either downloaded using the pip-command given below (recommended), or by manually downloading and installing the tools from Github.

pip install ortec.scientific.benchmarks.loadbuilding